Private to Terra

Hello, there! And how are you enjoying the Kingdom of Figaro? You appear to be absent without leave... and minus a very important piece of headgear! How unfortunate.

Still, you cannot stay away forever. Make your report, soldier.

ooc: The Major knows what happened with Terra due to a spell on Nanoha that lets Millennium see through her eyes. Let me know if this isn't okay!



My friends, I am most pleased to announce our acquisition of an absolutely extraordinary object! With this artifact in our possession, I have no doubt that our chances of success in the upcoming campaign will be most greatly improved.

The details of which, by the way, I am most eager to learn.

ooc: Millennium's got themselves a Jewel Seed after working Nanoha over. Fate, you may commence a rescue log at any time.


[The projection ability of the Major's journal has been activated, so everyone with a Tengu journal can now see a ghostly image of a pudgy little maniac talking to them]

Let me tell you all something, people of this Kingdom. This war we are now embroiled in, this terrible conflict that claims so many lives and causes so much suffering- it is as nothing compared to that which once raged across this land! In the midst of that glorious carnage, one man- well, really, at the time he was just a boy- managed to carve his way to success through sheer boldness and genius. I speak of course of the great current Emperor. But not all who stood against him were crushed. Some things, some dark and terrible things persisted. I speak of course of ourselves. We, the Last Battalion!

What I am trying to get at, my friends, is if Rokujo did not destroy us then, what possible chance do you have now, you idiotic King of Figaro? What a foolish idea that trap of yours was! Delita Heiral certainly had the right idea in fleeing; I shall have to congratulate him on his prudence sometime.

But don't worry, I'm not angry with you- on the contrary! My soldiers inform me that your followers were quite tasty. We won't have to worry about securing further rations for quite some time!

Still, you should have accepted my offer of hospitality aboard my headquarters. You would have been made completely at home! But never fear- we have found someone else to serve as our dear guest.

[The image of the Major disappears for a moment to be replaced by one of Nanoha, looking much the worse for wear, with a nasty cut on her upper arm/shoulder from Delita. Then the Major returns.]

To use a child in battle, King Figaro. Ah, I do approve of such ruthlessness! Don't worry though- from now on we'll be taking care of her. We shall pay her the most special attention! Hahahahahhaaaa!


Waspinator, Herr Doktor, I would like a report.


My, what a magnificent spectacle that fight against the General must have been! The Emperor's forces are every bit as strong as I remember them. I'm so pleased!

Which brings me to my point, my friends. I ask you as fellow warriors to put aside your enmity for a moment and indulge my curiosity. I have been away for so long and missed so very much, such a great deal of exciting and bloody history! Tell me, fighters of this Kingdom, about your greatest battles.


I think it's high time we all saw some action again, hm? Since we appear to soldiers without a battle at the moment, it falls to us to entertain ourselves. Who among you wishes to volunteer for a little bit of fun?


So! I hear that you are the other band of mercenaries in these parts. How interesting~

Let us talk.

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I don't quite know how to tell you this, Chief Advisor, but... both Count Dooku and that annoying reporter are still alive. Our top assassin failed to kill either of them. My most profuse apologies, sir. We will return your money immediately.

2nd, after the Hyrule battle

What a glorious spectacle that was! My men and I truly did enjoy ourselves. Our deepest gratitude to the Kingdom of Hyrule for their exceptional hospitality! And may I compliment the forces of Agni Rastra for their skill and power! Ah, that really was an impressive display.

At any rate, I trust that our little 'exhibition' was sufficient for all you of Eigisengoku to see us for what we are and what we are capable of. The time for demonstration is now over! We enjoy our work, most certainly, but we shall no longer be performing for free. The Battalion is still most eager for further action though, so please, do let me know if you wish to utilize our services. I would advise you to act quickly though- lest you find us pointed towards you instead of your enemies.


Well now, that was more costly than I think we were all expecting, wasn't it? The loss of Gheb is regrettable, certainly- he was always so enthusiastic, so devoid of hesitation and restraint! But perhaps he shall find a way out of his predicament, and if not... well.

More concerning is our losses among the rank-and-file. Dok, I want you to begin recruitment operations immediately. If we are to prolong our participation in this enjoyable conflict, we shall require 'new blood', hahahha!

Gray Fox. Your conduct during the battle was most disturbing. I eagerly await an explanation for your behavior.


Ah, such a pleasure to see the lovely lands of Eigisengoku again! It really has been far too long. To see my old, beloved battlefield again, to hear the beating of war drums... it truly does gladden my heart! 

But please, allow me to introduce myself! I am the Major of the Last Battalion, and it is a pleasure to be addressing you all! My men and I have but one wish. This war the kingdom is engaged in, this marvelously bloody and complex struggle, it thrills me to no end! Therefore, all I ask is to partake in this extraordinary conflict, to feel the heat from the flames of battle, rising high above the kingdom!

All you fine, powerful leaders out there, all you warriors, consider the services of the Last Battalion at your service from now on! Our fees are most reasonable, I assure you, and our tactics most effective. So make me an offer! Give us a mission! Let us all once again taste the incredible rapture of war, that we have been denied for so very long!


C&C Application


During World War II, the Major was an SS officer in charge of a top-secret Nazi project investigating the use of the supernatural for military purposes, particularly the creation of artificial vampires and ghouls. He was accountable to Hitler himself (per special order #666, no less). The name of this project and of the organization the Major would command was ‘Millennium’, for it was meant to ensure that the Third Reich would last a thousand years. Although their research progressed greatly, the project’s facility outside Warsaw was destroyed in 1944 by the British vampire-hunting organization, Hellsing, particularly by their vampire servant Alucard. The Major survived, but was mortally wounded in combat with the Russians later in the war. While wounded, he was offered the opportunity to become a vampire, but refused.

 Fortunately for him, the same mad scientist behind most of Millennium’s research was able to save the Major’s life, transforming him into a cyborg. The Major appears human, still carries out human functions such as eating, and considers himself fully human. However, his insides are an assortment of metal, and he has not aged since he was wounded.

 Using the lure of immortality through vampirization, the Major was able to bribe key Vatican officials into arranging the escape of Millennium and vast amounts of wealth, weaponry, and other material to South America, along with a thousand Waffen-SS volunteers willing to continue the fight. Building their base in Brazil, the ‘Last Battalion’ spent the remainder of the century preparing for their return. Almost every member of Millennium was long ago transformed into a vampire, and the promise of a life free of aging and sickness allowed the Major to extend his influence throughout the world.

 In 1999, his campaign against Hellsing and England began. After several preliminary attacks by his vampire minions, the Major and his Battalion departed for London in their own fleet of zeppelins, intending to wage the greatest and most terrible war the world had ever seen. The Major comes to C&C from shortly before the beginning of that war.


The Major is relatively simple, considering that he is completely insane. His defining characteristic is his love of all forms of war. Although nominally a Nazi, he really has no ideology aside from enjoying violent struggle whether as participant or spectator, since he believes that everything in life is ultimately about conflict. He has no real purpose or goal: instead of a means to an end, he seeks ends to justify his means, namely, war. Anything he can fight for he will do so, which explains why his supposed motivations change so frequently: at various points he claims that his war is motivated by a death wish, a desire to destroy Alucard, nostalgia for the days of WWII, and, of course, fun. The Major doesn’t even care whether he wins or loses his war, as long as it is suitably bloody and exciting. In the end, he is killed and his entire army wiped out, and dies with a smile on his face, proclaiming that ‘it has been a great war.’ However, he will not make a suicidal rush into the first conflict that presents itself. The Major waited half a century to once again taste the sheer rapture of war; the preparation for war is part of what he enjoys. He picks and chooses his conflicts, striving to arrange things so that the ultimate conflagration will be as glorious as possible, before committing himself to the fray. He fancies himself a conductor, and likens war to a symphony.

 There is one other element of the Major’s personality besides his militarism: his obsession with self-purity. He rejected the life of a vampire, preferring to die as a human rather than mix the blood/essence of others with his essential soul, his will, which he calls his and his alone. The Major defines himself according to his mind/soul/will and the purity thereof, claiming that even if he was a brain in a jar he would still be a human being, since humans have their own soul/heart/will, while a vampire must take life from others to sustain itself.

 The Major is downright jolly, considering his interests. He almost always smiles or at least smirks, and is incredibly difficult to genuinely anger or upset. This is because he is almost as happy with defeat as he is with victory, as long as the conflict was grand and terrible enough. He’s a ‘journey not the destination’ type. Last but not least: the Major DOES NOT SHUT UP. Almost everything he says is some twisted speech, and many of his posts and tags can be expected to be tl:dr.